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SCALA Member Benefits

Increment Your Organization’s Visibility:

  1. Volunteer for Speaking and Moderators Spots

    a. The Alliance will help provide the audience for your organization

    b. This will help potential clients get acquainted with your products & Services

  2. Include your press-releases on the SCALA website

    a. The press-release will be displayed in a members only news available to the public

    b. They are also included in the SCA distribution lists both in the U.S. and Latin America

  3. Add logos, company information, link to the SCALA website

    a. Provide visitors to site to get acquainted with your company’s logo and image

    b. Increase the visitors to your organizations website

    c. Expand the visibility of your product & Solutions

  4. Increase your participation & develop new activities within SCALA

    a. The more you participate, the better known your organization will be recognized in the market and among your colleagues

    b. Creating new activities will show initiative & innovation about your organization to develop the industry and the market.

  5. Run for a council chair position or the Advisory Board of directors

    a. These leadership roles allow you to directly influence the industry and players to guide us where you think the industry should go.

    b. In a leadership position you can help the Alliance create activities that would be most effective to influence your vertical market

    Create Credibility & Track record recognition:

  6. By being part of the Smart Card Alliance Latin America (SCALA), your organization will work other organizations in the industry not only to represent themselves but the industry as a whole.

    a. This means the collaborated industry promotion with your competitors expands the credibility of your message and customers trust, because the entire industry agrees with the message.

  7. Award Recognition

    a. By nominating your organization and clients to the Outstanding Smart Card Achievement (OSCA) awards, it expands the credibility of your projects to the market and recognition of your company’s successes.

  8. Speaking in representation of SCALA

    a. This recognizes you among your peers as a credible source of impartial information and develops trust that you can represent the industry at different events.

    b. Allowing you to speak for the industry embodies your organization as a trust worthy company that customer should do business with.

    Access to Market Information:

  9. By gaining access to Alliance market studies at a discounted rate, you will be able to make informed decisions on how to position your company in a high growth sustainable direction.

    a. Interacting with our analyst, working with other members to collaborate the direction of the organization based on the received information provides insights to their perspective of the market.

  10. Attending our webinars dictated by industry experts

    a. Allows you to questions, review, and analyze information being received by the market.

    Expand Education & Training:

  11. Market Studies

    a. As a member organization you receive exclusive access to industry research and information gain from SCALA conducted studies. In addition, to reducing the cost of your market research, your organization is able to discuss other industry experts on the way to position the industry based on the information gathered.

  12. Educational Institutes

    a. This program is to help users & integrators learn about the benefits of smart card and related technologies. These resources are available employees & partners to receive information about the technology, reducing your educational cost.

  13. Educational Webinars

    a. Grants access to leaders of the different vertical markets to help educate on their successful implementations, and identifies key aspects that caused it.

  14. Training & Development Facility

    a. This facility will be linked to a University to help expand the scoop of training to students, governments, and end users. This will help to published industry reports, peer reviewed articles, and expand the knowledge of the market.

    Market Development:

  15. Government Information Exchange:

    a. By participating in this program your able to position your organization in front of industry leaders, potential users, and policy makers to help expand the knowledge and opportunities for the industry and its players.

  16. Have someone within your organization to participate or lead a SCALA work group.

    a. This provides the opportunity to display your organization as a industry leader

    b. Create opportunities to network with industry colleagues

    c. Approach SCA end users interested in the technology (U.S. & Latin America)

  17. Promote SCALA as the non partisan industry voice to acquire information

    a. Allows you speak on behalf of the organization

    b. Open up new vertical markets that provide business opportunities

  18. Express to end users, governments, and integrators how smart card technology can improve a clients business

  19. Work with other SCALA members to break barrier of markets and reduce the cost investment to enter them

  20. Promote & participate in SCALA Educational Institutes (E.I.)

    a. Helps expand the markets education on technology

    Expansion of business opportunities:

  21. Add your organization’s reader to the Smart Card Alliance reader’s Catalog


    b. The SCA Catalog creates an additional sales channel for your products

  22. Add your organization’s Solutions to the products & Services Catalog


    b. The SCA Catalog creates an additional sales channel for your products

  23. Participate in SCALA conferences

    c. Allows you to meet new potential clients

    d. Develop potential partnership with other SCA organization to help solve client problems

    Improve image of your organization in the market while advancing relationship with clients:

  24. Develop a Case Studies on implementations

    a. Your clients will appear on the SCALA website as successful examples

    b. Creates a history of success, with support of the industry

    c. Your cases will be distributed at SCALA events & speaking opportunities

  25. Nominate clients to receive the OSCA-LA award

    a. Your clients will receive a prize on a project you help build

    b. This will promote your client, your services, and reputation as an organization

    Supporting SCALA you will also be supporting:

  26. The use and understanding of smart card technology around the region

    a. Through education, webinars, conference, workgroups, white papers, & case studies

  27. Industry Standards

    a. International Organization for Standards (ISO)

    b. HSPD -12, PACS Migration, SIA Standardization, and IT

    c. US-Visit, WHTI Passport cards, Registered traveler, TWIC

    d. First Responder Authentication, Real ID

    Public Opinion Influence:

  28. Work with government officials to help explain the advantages of smart cards in different vertical markets to the public

The Smart Card Alliance is a non-profit industry association that can only maintain its efforts through your support and dedication to our activities in the market. We urge you to get involved in our various activities and get acquainted with what SCALA has to offer your organization.

For more information about the Smart Card Alliance, please visit the Alliance web site at or contact the Alliance Latina America Chapter office via email at or via telephone at 1-954-922-1564.


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